GFCI Outlets Installation

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GFCI Outlets Installation

GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupters) protect against the risk of electrical shock in your home or business.

GFCI safety outlets are able to detect any electrical surges which can lead to injury or even death from an electrical shock. Advanced Air Systems can install these outlets throughout your home. This will help keep you and your family safe from electrical shock dangers.

GFCI outlet installation provides an inexpensive solution to prevent electrical shock and offers the added bonus of bringing your home up to building code standards. Advanced Air Systems helps to keep your family safe by performing your GFCI outlet installations and replacements.

Outlets Installation

What are GFCI Outlets?

GFCI outlets are required in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and garages, where the risk of electrical shock is the greatest. GFCIs can be identified by the “test” and “reset” buttons located on the receptacle. A GFCI monitors the amount of current flowing from hot to neutral. If there is an imbalance, it trips the circuit. The GFCI senses a mismatch as small as 4 or 5 milliamps, and it can react as quickly as one-thirtieth of a second, keeping you safe.

How Do I Reset a GFCI Outlet?

If your GFCI outlet stops the flow of power under normal operating conditions, press the “reset” button to restore power. A circuit breaker in your electrical panel is made to stop current flow. GFCIs are more sensitive to variations in the current flow and add extra safety to your home. The GFCI’s are designed to cut off the power flow to the outlet before an electric shock can affect your heartbeat. It is important to test all of the GFCI outlets in your home monthly.

How to Test a GFCI Outlet?

    1. Press the “test” button to shut off the electrical flow.
    2. Plug in a night light or other small device that uses a minimal amount of electricity to ensure current is no longer flowing to the receptacle.
    3. Press the “reset” button to return power flow to the outlet.

Schedule an appointment with Advanced Air Systems for outlet replacements if this test should happen to fail and if your house is older than the early 1970s.

Are GFCI Outlets Required in My Home?

GFCIs have been required in homes since 1971. They need to be used with swimming pool equipment and along the exterior walls surrounding pools. GFCI outlets are required in areas where the risk of electrical shock is increased due to possible exposure to risk factors such as water.

GFCI outlets are required in:

  • Your home’s exterior
  • Spa and pool areas
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Laundry and utility sinks
  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Crawlspaces and unfinished basements
  • Wet bars
  • Boat Houses
Many older homes do not have GFCI outlets. Call Advanced Air Systems at (360) 693-1757 or click below to request an appointment to protect yourself and your family with GFCI outlet installations. Our certified electricians will get the job done correctly, safely, and efficiently.


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