Summer is coming.  It’s time to make sure your air conditioner or heat pump are in top working condition and ready to help you stay cool and comfortable. Regular maintenance will also save you money now and down the road.

Reasons to Schedule an Air Conditioner Tuneup Today

The weather is starting to turn warm. If your air conditioner is keeping you cool on the warm days we’ve been having, you may not have thought about having a licensed technician out to perform and maintenance on your unit.


Old or new, a tuneup will improve the efficiency of your system and comfort in your home. Routine maintenance can improve the energy efficiency of your system up to 25% no matter its age.

Avoiding Down Time

Some of the main reasons an air conditioner or heat pump fail are; dirty filters, condensate drains clogging, dirty coils, refrigerant leaks, and other things that may be either fixed or caught on a routine maintenance of your system.  Be prepared and avoid the hot day without your air conditioning!


Regular maintenance saves money over the life of your unit. The cost of an air conditioner or heat pump tuneup is small compared to the savings you will see with the maintenance.

  1. Keeping the unit running efficiently will save you money on electric bills. 
  2. Small repairs made during a tuneup prevent more expensive repairs down the road. Emergency service calls are expensive. 
  3. Regular maintenance extends the life of your unit. A air conditioner or heat pump that is tuned up annually can work up to 50% longer than one that is not maintained properly.

Call Advanced Air Systems Today

As we move into the hotter days of the year, it is important to have a trained technician give your outdoor unit a tuneup for safety, efficiency, and to save money. Call us today at (360) 693-1757 to make an appointment, and we will send our licensed technician to your home to make sure that your unit is working safely, efficiently, and saving you money. 

We Can Make It Easier For You

Let us remind you when it is time to do maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems. Our Comfort Assurance Program saves you time and money. We will remind you when it is time to set up an appointment for maintenance, and our skilled HVAC technicians can help keep your furnace running safely and efficiently while saving you money. We can help with your air conditioning maintenance too! Just let us know that you want to see us for maintenance in the spring and we will be there to help make sure your AC is running smoothly for those hot summer months. Call us today at (360) 693-1757 to get more information about the Comfort Assurance Program.